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Criminalize Marijuana! / Marijuana Could Save California! (updated)

Not that I have any particular interest or investment in the topic, you understand, but I find the current debate over the legalization of marijuana pretty interesting. On one side, you have people talking about the benefits to the economy from legalizing it, and fiscal conservatives listening seriously. And on the other, pot growers who are worried about corporate interests muscling them out, and law-and-order conservatives opposing it because… drugs are bad, m’kay.

We’re regularly warned about the danger of making poor sexual choices while drunk or stoned. Well, pot farmers and conservatives – politics making strange bedfellows – there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I guess I am not going to find it on the limited amount of coffee (my drug of choice) I’ve had so far today.

And down Mexico way, they are talking about shutting down tens of millions of cell phones – with people saying that will plunge the country back into the stone age – as a desperate measure to get a grip on the drug cartels. Presumably, those cartels are not backing the legalization of marijuana either.

Update: The bulk of the money and guns fueling the alarming violence in Mexico – so bad that some people have started to whisper the possibility of a “failed state” – comes from the United States. To be specific: comes from the enormous profits generated by sales of – primarily – marijuana, profits made possible by marijuana’s status as illegal. (Guns made possible, to a large extent, by NRA and Tea Party opposition to sensible gun laws.)

And opposed the legalisation of marijuana, who do we find? Well, among others, the beer industry.



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