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Music Video: Tori Amos, “Caught a Lite Sneeze:

Longing, we say, because desire is full of endless distances

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  1. zerode says:

    In other spaces, I’ve been writing a lot about over-sharing and the limits to privacy on the internet, so there’s some vicious irony at work with this post.

    When I originally wrote and posted it, I mentioned the name of an ex of mine, Leslie, who is the spitting image of Tori Amos as she appears in the video for “God.” And I fell in love with Tori and Leslie at the same time. Tori Amos is still a part of my life, but sadly Leslie isn’t.

    I was thinking about Leslie, missing her, and posted this video in that state of mind – a song that I played non-stop when Leslie and I broke up, and then couldn’t listen to for about ten years because of the memories of that time.

    Here’s the internet privacy angle: I mentioned her by name – by her full name – when I originally posted this, and shortly thereafter someone did a Google search on her name which brought them to my blog. Someone whose IP address identified them as in the town in which my ex now lives… So, she or perhaps a current partner had Googled her and found me out.

    I stood exposed as one of those sappy guys who starts mooning over the lost “love of his life” when his current relationship bites the dust. Ugh. And blurts it out in polite company…

    Damage done. But not too bad. I deleted her name and chalked it up to experience. But the damn Google cache has kept the original post alive – exposing that moment of weakness over and over again – as I can tell from the webstats that show people hitting that cached version a number of times since then.

    So – don’t drink and post. Particularly if you are moping around with your heart in a sling. Because even if she doesn’t see it herself, someone else is going to find that post and tell your ex what a jerk you (still) are.

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