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Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who 

I’m still in mourning over the death/regeneration/passing of David Tennant’s Doctor Who, but I am warming to the new Doctor more quickly than I thought I would. He actually reminds me of Tom Baker’s Doctor, who for many people is the great Doctor, or perhaps the other great Doctor, alongside Tennant’s portrayal. There is something about Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor that recalls Baker’s fourth, beyond a certain sartorial similarity. (Wouldn’t it be great to see the scarf come back?) I think it is a sort of befuddled wonder, with the occasional glimpse of steel beneath…

(It’s interesting looking back on Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor: I loved him at the time, and still like him, but thinking of him within the chain of Doctors now he seems a bit like the odd man out. Does his Doctor resemble/connect with any of the previous ones the way that one can relate Matt Smith’s to Tom Baker’s portrayal?)

For those among you for whom none of this makes any sense, the fine filk at io9 have a couple of handy guides to the world of Doctor Who:

Doctor Who‘s the highest rated show in BBC America’s history, and the time-traveling alien is such an icon, people are calling for him to be Britain’s new patron saint. But what’s Doctor Who really about? How can you appreciate it?

via Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who – doctor who – io9.

Here’s our complete handy guide to old-school Doctor Who for new-Who fans. With some spoilers.

via How To Discover Classic Doctor Who In 3 Easy Steps – ace – io9.

And if you want to know still more, be sure to visit Doctor Who Wiki.

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