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More on the new Doctor Who

Over on io9, they discuss some of the failings of the current season of Doctor Who compared with the recent glory of the series with Russell T. Davies at the helm and David Tennant portraying the doctor:

The new season of Doctor Who sports new stars, a revamped time machine, and a whole new writing staff. But based on the first batch of episodes, it’s still trying too hard to give us what we’ve come to expect.

(via Doctor Who’s New Era Isn’t Quite New Enough – io9.)

And the io9 article also points us to a review of the first episode of the new series over at The Chicago Tribune‘s TV blog, The Watcher, which is worth a read:

The episode of “Doctor Who” (8 p.m. Central Saturday, BBC America; three stars) that kicks off a new season of the show has to do three things: Establish Matt Smith as the eleventh incarnation of the legendary sci-fi character, introduce his new sidekick and supply a villain that will keep the story moving along.

Two out of three ain’t bad.

(via A burning nerd question: Is the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ any good? – The Watcher.)

The Watcher is certainly correct about the new sidekick. I know Rose has a huge following, but already Amy Pond is shaping up as a great companion. We’ll see if the way they develop her character, and her interaction with the Doctor, lives up to the promise shown by the actress, Karen Gillan, and her character as laid out in the first episode (spunky, smart, independent, part-time sexygram but girl next door, Scottish, etc.). After the second and third episodes, the jury is still out, at least for me – I didn’t think that Amy Pond in these episodes quite lived up to that initial promise, but it wasn’t a big let down either.

Finally, The Guardian discusses the return of the scariest creature from the revived Doctor Who – the Weeping Angels – and does face off between various monsters from the Doctor’s past.

Would the Weeping Angels beat the Daleks in a fight? Is there still a soft spot behind your sofa for the Silurians? It’s time to tot up the baddies’ scores

In tomorrow evening’s episode [in the UK], Doctor Who does what it has never yet managed since the revival – brings back an already classic monster from the new era (the Slitheen didn’t really cut it). “The Time Of Angels” sees the return of the Weeping Angels– ‘quantum-locked’ statues that come alive when no one can see them – which were last seen in Blink. A generation of kids will soon be scared to shut their eyes, and it’s hardly a spoiler to reveal that this time they’re even worse.

To celebrate this new slew of nightmares, we thought we’d face off some of the deadliest creatures from old and new Who. So which of the baddies would win in a fight?”

(via Doctor Who: the monster-off –

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