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Where’s Osama? Washington, DC

“Rest assured that he’s in Washington.
I think there’s a high chance he’s there.”

— Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Osama bin Laden.

Central to Ahmadinejad’s argument is the idea that bin Laden might be hiding out with his old pal and supporter, George Bush. But since the Bushes have largely decamped from DC, maybe we should be looking up in Kennebunkport, Maine or, given bin Laden’s presumed preference for hotter weather, deep in the heart of Texas – Dallas County or Crawford. Of course, if bin Laden gets wind of the hunt, he might flee. But given his skin tone and the way he dresses, I advise him not to try going through Arizona. Talk about your illegal alien…

Or perhaps this is a genius piece of viral marketing, cooked up by Morgan Spurlock to hype his new movie:

Which would raise the question: What kind of deal did Spurlock cut with Ahmadinejad for the marketing coup of the century?

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