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Slavoj Žižek: Wake up and smell the apocalypse (update)

Slavoj Žižek: Wake up and smell the apocalypse:

Science is completely entangled with capital and capitalism. It is simultaneously the source of some threats (such as the ecological consequences of our industries or the uncontrolled use of genetic engineering), and our best hope of understanding those threats and finding a way to cope with them…

read the full discussion with “the most dangerous philosopher in the west” in the current New Scientist. (sadly, now behind a pay wall – why you need to get it while the getting is good)

Once again, serendipity – coincidence – connection – running across this while reading about the same issues, talked about in somewhat similar ways, in Sixty Days and Counting, the final volume of Kim Stanley Robinson’s “Science in the Capital” series. Beyond that, though, Žižek’s comments are provocative and interesting and worth a read.

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