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Songs of the Season: George Winston, Thanksgiving

There are songs for Halloween (“Monster Mash”), the Fourth of July (“Yankee Doodle Dandy”) and pretty much every other holiday (even “Arbor Day”). But I couldn’t really think of a song powerfully redolent of, symbolizing Thanksgiving. There is this, though…

George Winston, “Thanksgiving” – from December

Enjoy your turkey with all the fixings – or tofurkey, or whatever you are stuffing yourself with today.

And enjoy the people you’re celebrating the day with – family, friends, or even the gang down at the local bar, if that’s the way you roll. Whatever we’re eating, wherever, it’s always the people that make Thanksgiving, for which we should most be giving thanks. And in a year when a lot of people are having such a hard time, those people, our people, are more important than ever.

I often pop in to Central Coffee on the corner of Hayes and Central during Thanksgiving day  – in years past, the owner has generously provided a little hair of the dog to freshen your coffee, just the thing to help you get through those hours with the family, much as we are thankful for them…

This is the first of what I plan to be a regular thing for the rest of the year –  “Songs of the Season” and “Scenes of the Season,” my favorite holiday songs as well as clips from favorite holiday movies and TV shows – posted daily, now through Christmas – sharing the things that make me happy with my people…

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