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Captain America – the Man, the Myth, the Movie… the Site Experience

I’ve managed to avoid learning pretty much anything about the new Captain America movie. The recent crop of comic book superhero movies have been so bad that it just seems safer to stay well away.  And that wasn’t one of the comics I read as a kid, though more recently I kind of got into it. But I can’t help but know that the movie opens at the end of the week – there’s a big poster on the bus shelter outside my house.

And given the state of the country, we could probably use a hero dedicated to the “battle for liberty,” the American way, and the common Joe (and Jane). Of course all of these are highly disputed concepts, and I have no doubt that as with God, each side – every side – thinks Captain American would fight for them. This wasn’t always the case. When I was a kid, Captain America looked pretty much like a tool of the imperialistic war-mongering aggressors. But a lot has changed since then:

(I think he’s referring to the Koch Brothers there…)

Somehow, though, I don’t think it is this Captain America we’ll be seeing at the movie theaters on Friday. From what I have seen of the movie, it looks like they stick pretty much to the WWII side of things – the last war we can all agree to feel good about, and safely distant from failed nation-building overseas and a crippling national unemployment rate and healthcare crisis at home.

Maybe I’ll watch Larry Crowne instead. Crowne (Tom Hanks) seems to me like a more relevant hero for the current moment. Instead of taking drugs to remake himself and then going to fight overseas, Crowne goes back to school, to community college – where Julia Roberts falls in love with him.  I am predicting a surge in community college enrollments in the Fall – all middle-age unemployed men.

You can check out the Captain America trailer on the Official Movie Site.  I particularly like the link on the landing page to  “Enter the Site Experience.” Not the site, apparently, but the “site experience.” Maybe this is like all the cover bands that bill themselves as the This or That Experience. It won’t be the actual site, just a pleasing and nostalgic re-enactment of the site.  That might be better than the real thing.

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