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The DMV’s website brings you the same level of service you’ve come to expect from their brick and mortar branches:


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zerode by nick chapman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Oh - and hello to Jason Isaacs.

The 400 Blows


is an over-caffeinated and under-employed grad school dropout, aspiring leftwing intellectual and cultural studies academic, film buff and occasional reviewer, and former private detective. Raised in San Francisco on classic film, radical politics, burritos and soul music, then set loose upon the world. He spends his time in coffee shops with his laptop and headphones, caffeinating and trying to construct a post-whatever life.


What's in a name... The handle "zerode" is a contraction of Zéro de Conduite, the title of Jean Vigo's 1933 movie masterpiece about schoolboy rebellion.





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tweeting my mind

  • @CombatBarbie3 @calebmicah Well I guess that's us put in our place: Stupidly PC guys who take stuff seriously. 1 hour ago
  • @calebmicah Is that picture in your profile from Ferguson? 1 hour ago
  • @calebmicah Also, did you actually see any of this porn. I couldn't find it. Wouldn't I have seen it since I followed her? (a follow back) 1 hour ago
  • @calebmicah (2/2) have porn appear in my feed. I complained about some graphic ISIS images. 1 hour ago
  • @calebmicah If it had seemed like that acct were a real person really doing stuff, I would have reacted differently. I would hate to (1/2) 1 hour ago
  • @calebmicah Exactly. I hadn't really thought about initial tweet in that way until you pointed it out. What I say was basically a spam acct. 1 hour ago
  • @calebmicah Looking at your Tumblr and Twitter accts, I'd say we are pretty similar, with similar tastes and interests and values. 1 hour ago
  • @calebmicah @CombatBarbie3 (2/2) And I've acknowledged that you have a point, and that it looked like slut shaming. 1 hour ago



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