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A Very Pirate Christmas

Update: The Pirate Bay has been taken offline by Swedish authorities. At present, there is no credible alternative. For more info…

Don’t Trust the Pirate Bay Posers | Gizmodo

Pirate Bay ‘Copycats’ Flourish After Raid | TorrentFreak

Christmas is a time of giving.  Which also usually means a time of spending.  Too much spending.  Now I’m not suggesting or condoning anything here, but it did occur to me that some people might be looking to pirate media as a way to cut down on costs and expenses this year…

And some of the movies and TV specials are hard to find through any of the normal channels….


Movies and TV

White Christmas 1954 (download torrent).

It’s A Wonderful Life Uncut 1946 (download torrent).

The Bishops Wife (1947) (NL Subs) (download torrent).

Miracle On 34th Street [1947] (download torrent).

Holiday Inn (1942) Bing Crosby (download torrent) .

The Shop Around The Corner (1940) (download torrent).

“Meet Me In St. Louis” [1944] with Judy Garland (download torrent).

The Sound of Music (1965) (download torrent).

Singin’ in the Rain (1952) (Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds) (download torrent).

Scrooged 1988 (download torrent).

The Polar Express (2004) (download torrent).

Olive, the Other Reindeer (1999) (download torrent).

A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965 (download torrent).

How the Grinch Stole Christmas [1966] (download torrent).

Rudolph.the.Red-Nosed.Reindeer.1964 (download torrent).

Frosty The Snowman 1969 (download torrent).

Love Actually.2003 (download torrent).

Elf.2003 (download torrent).

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) (download torrent).

A Very Harold And Kumar Christmasdownload torrent).

THE.MUPPETS.CHRISTMAS.CAROL.1992 (download torrent).

A Christmas Carol 1951 (download torrent).

A CHRISTMAS CAROL – 1938 (download torrent).

A Christmas Carol (1984) George C Scott (download torrent).

A Christmas Carol (1923) / Old Scrooge (1913-26) (download torrent) – very early silent versions, which I haven’t seen.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010: A Christmas Carol (download torrent).

Blackadder’s.Christmas.Carol (download torrent).


Windham Hill – A Winter’s Solstice (6 Christmas CDs) (download torrent).

A Winter’s Solstice (download torrent).

George Winston – December – Piano Solos (download torrent).

Sufjan Stevens – Silver and Gold Songs for Christmas 2012 [mp3] (download torrent).

The Ultimate Christmas Music Compilation – 300 Songs (download torrent).

The Best Christmas Album In The World Ever (+Bonus Xmas Carols CD (download torrent.

Nat King Cole Ella Fitzgerald – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (download torrent).

Mathis, Johnny (1958) – Merry Christmas(download torrent).

Bing Crosby-White Christmas, Let It Snow! (2012) (download torrent).

Vince Guaraldi – A Charlie Brown Christmas (download torrent).

Ella Fitzgerald – Wishes You A Swinging Christmas (1960) (download torrent).

Diana Krall – Christmas Songs 24-bit/96kHz Digital Download (download torrent).

The Essential Carols – King’s College, Cambridge (2 CDs) (download torrent)

The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge – Christmas Carols (download torrent).

Worlds Greatest Xmas Carols (2012) 320Kbit(mp3) (download torrent).

Choir of New College Oxford – Traditional and Modern Carols (download torrent).

Blackmores Night – Winter Carols (2006) (download torrent).

Christmas in Russia – Russian & Ukranian Christmas Carols (download torrent).

Shawn Colvin – 9 Albums – 320k VBR (download torrent) – includes her Holiday Songs & Lullabies

Mary Chapin-Carpenter – Come Darkness Come Light: 12 Songs (download torrent).

NOW That’s What I Call Christmas [3CD] [2012] (download torrent) .

Michael Buble – Christmas (Deluxe Special Edition) [Album – 2012 (download torrent).

Jackson 5 – Christmas Album 1999 (download torrent).

Celtic Christmas (download torrent).

Obviously, this info is just provided for entertainment purposes. I’ve given you plenty of links to Amazon and other places where you can buy all of these. Or listen to the music on Pandora and watch the movies and TV on cable.

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