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The Asynchronous Life

I am still stuck here in the Antipodes, and Autumn is a-comin’ in – crisp nights with stars like diamonds, and frost beginning to outline the leaves in morning.

Meanwhile, my friends in the Northern Hemisphere write rapturously of Spring, and even Summer-like days of warmth and sun in Prospect Park (potato salad)…

Another asynchrony is forcing itself on me these days, and appropriately enough it involves a time traveler: the delay around new episodes of Doctor Who. In the United States, on BBC America new episodes are broadcast on Saturdays at 9pm. This Saturday, 8 May, they will be showing “The Time of Angels,” part 1 of a 2-parter featuring the return of one of the scarier monsters from one of the best episodes during the run of David Tennant’s Doctor, the Weeping Angels.

Meanwhile, over on the real BBC, home of Doctor Who, they have already shown the second part, “Flesh and Stone,” and Saturday will see a new episode, “Vampires of Venice.” BBC America is thus two episodes behind. Here in Australia, where for my sins I am currently staying, Doctor Who is broadcast by the ABC on Sundays at 7.30pm. This Sunday, 9 May, they will be broadcasting “The Time of Angels.” Thus, even though Australia comes first in the march of Helios across the heavens, it is the last to be visited by the last of the Time Lords. This is, bluntly, unacceptable.

Fortunately, on the internet, all things are manifest. The most recent episode can be found under a variety of awnings in the vasty digital souk, such as ONEDDL – One Stop Rapidshare Links | Doctor Who and DW – Doctor Who (a personal blog with streaming video, chat, and info).

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Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

You watched the TV show, had the daydream/erotic fantasy, now play the game:

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space – The Roleplaying Game

“AISAT is basically the roleplaying game of The David Tennant Years (although we don’t forget Christopher Eccleston or his predecessors, even if the artwork does). This is a game with the lush high quality production that one might expect from an officially BBC licenced Doctor Who product, but how does it stand up?

Pretty well, if all things are considered.

This product aims itself squarely at fans of Doctor Who and relies on the idea that existing RPG aficionados will be intrigued enough to pick it up. For those experienced gamers I’ll lay it on the line that this is a great little system (if phenomenally basic) that makes a Time-Lord-Saving-The-Universe-Pseudo-Science out of hand-waving the rules, but does so in a nice way that encourages the games master and the players to work co-operatively to tell a great story. The primary balancing point in the rules comes down to Story Points- want to play a Time Lord, powerful alien, or immortal like Jack Harkness you will have less of these and they allow you to influence everything from roll results to those big dramatic moments when the Doctor returns to his youthful appearance and shows the Master who’s boss….”

I am outraged, simply outraged, to find that there is a pirated copy of  Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space available for download…

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Isn’t It Ironic

A proper example of irony:

“Digital piracy. It’s a global war — and it’s just begun. Pirates of the Digital Millennium chronicles that war. All of it: media conglomerates vs. teenagers, tech companies vs. content providers, artists battling artists, nations vs. nations, law enforcement vs. organized crime.”

You can find a pirated copy of this book here: Pirates of the Digital Millennium: How the Intellectual Property Wars Damage Our Personal Freedoms in AvaxHome.

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