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Women of Star Trek

A trip down memory lane with the original Star Trek.  Dig those groovy interplanetary hairdos…

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I love her hair, too

I’ve written about the Muppets before.  I wasn’t really a Sesame Street kid, but I still loved the Muppets even before The Muppet Show, and more after – Animal and Beaker as well as Oscar, Big Bird and Kermit.  And I love afros.  So of course I love – double, triple love – this song.

Hear more about it at: ‘I Love My Hair’: A Father’s Tribute To His Daughter : NPR

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What were we thinking in the 70s?

There’s been a lot of discussion of privacy and over-sharing on the interweb recently – with, eg, a new Facebook tool that lets you quickly find everyone who’s posted to the whole world about losing their virginity, their racist views or jokes about and experiences with anal sex

But this guy takes embarrassing personal disclosure to a whole new level:

Steve Almond’s Bad Hair.
[It’s] one of the basic laws of Having Lived Through the 1970s, ’80s, or ’90s that you had bad hair at some point. Probably at many points. And that this bad hair was captured on film, and that the relevant pix still exist out there, somewhere, ready to undermine whatever modicum of cool you believe yourself to have achieved.

This is what I’m talking about:

(via PowellsBooks.Blog.)

Out of solidarity with Steve – a nice fellow and a good writer – and his willingness to challenge the silence and stigma around 70s hair, here’s a picture of me from the same era:

Actually, I wish I could still grow hair that long and blond – but if the price of such luxurious locks was having to have a (non-) cut like that, and wear sweater vests and wide-collared rayon shirts, I think I’d pass.

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