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Nerdware: Even Nerds Stand Up for Justice

Warning: This product is not safe to wear in any jurisdiction with “Stand Your Ground” legislation.  Or, you know, “walking while black” legislation…

How To Be Black Pullover $50.00

This American Apparel pullover has 20% more pocket space and 100% less zipper than the zip-up, choose accordingly. (via How To Be Black – Shop.)


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Oh—and hello to Jason Isaacs.

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is an over-caffeinated and under-employed grad school dropout, aspiring leftwing intellectual and cultural studies academic, cinéaste, and former poet. Raised in San Francisco on classic film, radical politics, burritos and soul music, then set loose upon the world. He spends his time in coffee shops with his laptop and headphones, caffeinating and trying to construct a post-whatever life.


What's in a name... The handle "zerode" is a contraction of Zéro de Conduite, the title of Jean Vigo's 1933 movie masterpiece about schoolboy rebellion.



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