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Nerdware: Guild Uniforms

After appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and Syfy’s Eureka, now with her own show on the internet, an affection spoof of World of Warcraft games The Guild, Felicia Day is everyone’s favorite sexy nerd. Be like her and be happy and successful by wearing the same t-shirts as her—like the one she’s wearing on Episode 5, Season 3 of The Guild:

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Nerdware: Now more than ever, with The Big Bang Theory

With the continuing success of The Big Bang Theory and the popularity of everyone’s favorite über nerd, Sheldon Cooper – whose wardrobe consists largely of comic book superhero t-shirts and old-school golf slacks – it seemed long past time to return to the subject of nerdware…

Contrary to the overly familiar icons and images on Sheldon’s t-shirts, I think it is of the essence for the true nerd t-shirt to be obscure, the image only recognizable by a proper fellow nerd – like these, maybe:

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Nerdware for nerds scared of full-chest tattoos

Come on – you know you want it…

“SWEDISH BIKINI WEREWOLF DESTRUCTION UNIT” – – Best t-shirts in the world.

Thx to Nicola Griffith – author of Ammonite – from bringing this to my attention.

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Nerdware: Must eat… t-shirts

“In Case of Zombies” – Violent, Zombies, Halloween T-shirt by Olly Moss.

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Nerdware Strikes Again!

Just for you, Misha…

ThinkGeek :: Chuck Norris Destroyed the Periodic Table.

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Nerdware: Meat Popsicle Wrappers

An example of a nerdware company—indeed, nerdware nirvana, the Nordstroms of nerdware, Barney’s for brainiacs, Saks for syborgs—that’s not afraid to risk obscurity, figuring that anyone who has found their way to its cyber-shelves is either going to know exactly what movie is being referenced or will never admit to not knowing.

ThinkGeek :: Meat Popsicle.

(It’s The Fifth Element, in case you were wondering.)

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Nerdware: There’s just one catch

Sometime in the 23rd century…the survivors of war, overpopulation and pollution are living in a great domed city, sealed away from the forgotten world outside. Here, in an ecologically balanced world, mankind lives only for pleasure, freed by the servo-mechanisms which provide everything. There’s just one catch: Life must end at thirty unless reborn in the fiery ritual of Carousel…

But be warned: it’s not enough just to look sexy in your flamey spandex costume and float faster than the others – spelling also counts.

(via wake up, … time to die – movie fiction for fashion.)

Okay, yes, I know “carrousel” is a variant spelling. Color me pedant: it’s not the spelling in the book or movie.

wake up, … time to die is another film-inspired t-shirt maker that provides helpful “inspired by” info on the origins of its t-shirt designs. This tendency must stop. It runs completely contrary to the whole concept of geeky fandom – which requires the social capital of insider knowledge and obscure references to survive and thrive. We can’t just let anybody play.

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Nerdware: Soylent Green is… t-shirts.

Last Exit to Nowhere. They make t-shirts.

And Simon Pegg says they are “very cool indeed.” So you know they must be. For the movie-trivia impaired among us, they feature handy “Inspired by…” pop-ups over all their t-shirt designs to let you know what movie is being referenced. They should implement an optional “disable” for this feature, which real nerds would find insulting.

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Nerdware: In the future, there will be no war. There will only be t-shirts. (updated)

The Dept. — Rollerball #6: Long Live ROLLERBALL! Printed on the softest, smoothest, best-looking T-shirt available from American Apparel®. 100% quality cotton construction, screen printed with environment friendly inks. (Orange T-shirt w/Black ink)

The source of this somewhat obscure bit of nerdware/geekanelia is the dystopian science fiction film Rollerball (1975), starring James Caan, as a “rollerball” player – think roller derby – TO THE MAX (and to the death).

“In the future there will be no war. There will only be Rollerball.”

A sort of remake came out in 2002. Hopefully you missed it. I saw some of it being filmed, which was cool. But any recollection I might have of seeing the actual film has been repressed as too traumatic. I saw the first one when it came out and was young enough to soak it up with terrified glee, and to take it far too seriously. It has a terrific ending.


Those guys no longer seem to make a Rollerball t-shirt, but you can them here or here or here… or here:

Number 6 from the Houston Energy Rollerball team. The design was custom created in Illustrator based on stills from the 1975 movie starring James Caan and John Houseman.
via “Rollerball – Houston Energy – Jonathan E.” T-Shirt Design by Fitcharoo | RedBubble.

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Nerdware – Because you can never have too many t-shirts… the independent t-shirt label of humorous techno culture. A brand about Sci-fi, robots and ‘the future’ is all about embrasing [sic] the future, and not fearing it (a belief it seems we are being conditioned into) So sit back and immerse yourself in our sci-fi, robot, techno-culture mixing bowl. For now… welcome to the underground.

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