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We love… Admiral Fallow

My big discovery from this year’s SXSW was Scottish band Admiral Fallow. Here they are with their first official video, for the song “Squealing Pigs” off their self-titled debut album:

It’s a great song, and one of the standouts on the album, but not my favorite. Just at the moment, I’m kind of stuck on the opening track “Dead Against Smoking” – literally, as I’m listening to it on repeat rather than letting the whole album play out. (You can listen, too – here.)  It starts out sweetly, with a clarinet in a minor key, then flutes and a gently strummed acoustic guitar. The sweet sound is mirrored in the opening lyrics: “You sleep like a kid / with one hand stuck fast to the side of your face. / Your backside in the air / mouth half open, but still filled with grace.”

Then the rest of the band comes in, and the song opens out and becomes something else – a man singing to his lover, about their fights and her refusal to quit smoking, and this strange, haunting chorus: “You’re like gasoline. / You’re like the willow tree. / You’re like a split-screen. / But you’re the green in me.” [full lyrics below the fold]

It’s a strange, lovely song, from a strange and lovely album. There’s not a bad track on it, I think. After that relatively subdued opening, it definitely kicks it up a notch with the song from the video, “Squealing Pigs” – but their folksiness, whimsey and intelligence stay in evidence all the way through.

Admiral Fallow seems to be on tour in the UK just now, based on the Twitter posts.  Hopefully we’ll see them back in the States soon.

For more on this great new band…

Jam of the Day | Admiral Fallow – Squealing Pigs
Admiral Fallow is a beeping awesome new band from the UK that is causing quite a stir in the land of the Scots. The band is fueled by young, foot-stomping and faintly maniacal singer/songwriter, Louis Abbott, who attributes his influences to the likes of Tom Waits, Elbow, Low and Mr. Springsteen himself.
(via Speakers in Code.)

Edinburgh Festival Gigs: Admiral Fallow @ Sneaky Pete’s 2010/08/11.
These guys are up-n-coming indie rock from Glasgow. Whimsical and fun, thoughtful and emotional, but not dreary and wrist-slitty like so much of this genre can be.
(via scotunes.)

And of course check out the band’s site as well.

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Baseball is so two centuries ago

Arsenal |

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