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Doctor Who’s Amy Pond – Karen Gillan – gets naked. Again. For real. Maybe.

Teh Interweb is all a-buzz with stories of an apparently trashed, post-party Karen Gillan wandering the corridor of a NYC hotel naked in the early hours:

Doctor Who star found naked in NYC hotel corridor:

A trendy NYC hotel played host to actress Karen Gillan allegedly laying naked and mumbling in its corridor. According to reports Gillan had tried to get into another guests room whilst naked and trying to cover herself with towels, before collapsing to the floor mumbling.

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan naked at a riotous New York part:
Doctor Who star Karen Gillan was found naked in a New York hotel corridor after a night of riotous partying.

Miss Gillan, 23, who plays the Time Lord’s assistant Amy Pond, was seen ‘whimpering’ in the nude by guests at 7am before security arrived, wrapped her in a sheet and escorted her to her room
(via Mail Online.)

Karen Gillan caught nude in a hotel hallway? ‘Doctor Who’ star’s awkward morning:
British tabloid The Mirror reports that 23-year-old Gillan found herself locked out of her New York City hotel room… without her clothes. Gillan, who was staying at the Ace Hotel with showrunner Stephen Moffatt and co-star (the latest Doctor) Matt Smith, tried to cover up with towels, but 7 AM is not an ideal time to be trying to hide your bare derriere in a busy hotel hallway.
(via Zap2it.)

Well, we’ve had previous indications that Gillan was a bit of a party monster, though not of course in a league with some of LA’s trashutantes (Lindsay Lohan et al):

Of course this may all be a mistake. It may not have been her at all. Or there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for why she was naked in the hotel corridor at 7am. Happens to me almost every time I stay in New York. No, seriously. That photo above could be any of us dancing at a party, and there have been no confirmations that it really, really was Karen Gillan. No denials either. And it is hard to think of a reason for ending up naked in a hotel corridor that doesn’t involve poor judgement calls and heavy over-indulgence.  The real question, for me, is where the hell were her friends?  Friends don’t let friends drink and run around corridors naked.

But in honor of the story, I wanted to pass along some more naked fakes (see earlier post). There’s a whole pseudo-site of them for your perusal, so I won’t bother to upload any. Remember, kids – no kids.  Teh Interweb is only for consenting adults.

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